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2016 Mazda 6 i Grand Touring New Cars

It takes more than a pretty face of the earth car on our list of 10Best or on a segment of the family sedan Choice Awards in our editor, but a pretty face does not hurt. As the new generation Mazda 6 came as a 2014 model, has a convenient Sacrifice design theme a mention along with the sporty driving dynamics, value for money and all the content in an efficient and effective Skyactiv G 2.5 liter four cylinder everyone deserves Time Mazda 6 visited the office.

Now comes a mild update in 2016, but see a big difference from the outside. Still on the machine to change in any significant way We are still waiting for the American market to see to diesel engine or optional car on the all wheel drive elsewhere. What is so cute, about 16? The hut where the new dashboard, center console and the details surrounding what remain some of our favorite places on the segment. Design issues are new but familiar Mazda 6 fans who admired the smaller Mazda 3, we see what is the best available car interiors for under $ 30,000 call.

Mazda 6 i Grand Touring New car

Mazda 6 i Grand Touring


If the former interior was not ugly, it was clear the car was not the best way. Now fitted with a 7.0 inch touchscreen display tablet mode and the environment of the instrument panel and console a stripped down, open and attractive appearance. Our test sample presents generous parchment leather interior and the tip of the Grand Touring trim level (although the Grand Touring is also automatically to deny the possibility of manual we so fond of sports and touring version are). It also had $ 2,180 GT technology package, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, a warning to leave the strip, active grid, awnings and take ELOOP regenerative braking system and a few more features.

Power and performance

The EIA has compared to last year replacement model around $ 300, but what you can see and touch the driver would a measure against a car that can taste 25 to 30 percent or more. In the vicinity of the plate well weighted tax and rich materials fit looks, our test example cabin looks more Acura / Honda Lexus / Toyota.

Mazda 6 i Grand Touring cabin

Mazda 6 i Grand Touring dashboard

On the test track, the car runs comparable, we tested. On the run from zero to 60 km / h, 7.0 seconds a quarter of a mile went by in 15.5 seconds at a speed of 92 miles per hour, where we saw a 15.6 and 90 in the past Cells from the 70mph has 175 meters, tested in the corner 0.84 g compared to 0.86 g in a previous car that had more miles on his tires and on a warmer day only 12 centimeters more than in 2014 , More importantly, it is good to see that laid down and tied sensitive.

Our example in 2016 weighed a little more, perhaps because he had the package, the technology was the previous car. We would like additional weight to 69 pounds to be exact, is invested in more sound insulation for nicer areas. In terms of the price and the car week, the Mazda 6, to be loud, demanding more of the volume of the audio system to overcome the engine noise and road ROAR.

Mazda 6 i Grand Touring blue sedan

Mazda 6 i Sedan

Measurements, and this subjective impression is further enhanced. At 70 mph cruise, measured 69 decibels in order and the same as in 2014 – a little louder than some competitors, but not much. 41 decibels at a standstill and 83 in an open throttle, though, they are louder than the measured smaller, cheaper for all your direct competitors or Mazda 3. This is not true in 2014, but we did not offer much explanation. Nevertheless 6 retains the size of our 10 Best list deleted – and there is even a better interior than before.

White Mazda 6 i Grand Touring

Cool Mazda 6 i Grand Touring